Here are eight VMAZING rumors we really hope pan out at this year’s show.

It’s safe to say we should be expecting something #FLAWLESS. PICS: The Craziest MTV VMA Looks Ever.

A source tells ET that Ariana Grande is taking the stage with Nicki Minaj for an epic performance that will showcase the “Dangerous Woman” singer “As we’ve never seen her.”

T’s also a lot of fodder for the outspoken artist to make a statement on this year, from his rekindled feud with Taylor Swift, to his recent series of tweets about how Ocean’s Blonde album hasn’t yet gotten the respect it deserves from radio stations.

Even discounting the fact that Adele is a welcome addition to any event always, the 25 singer trails only Beyonce with eight nominations this year, and doesn’t have any dates scheduled Sunday night on her 2016 tour.

Of course, to see what really happens – planned, or otherwise – we’ll have to tune in when the MTV VMAs air Sunday Aug. 28 at 9/8c from Madison Square Garden in New York City.