Brown said officers said they could smell marijuana coming from the rapper’s car, which he said was just an excuse to search the car because Yella said she didn’t smoke. Yella Bizzy Valentine‘s weekend took an unexpected turn after the rapper was arrested Saturday night in her hometown of Dallas. Yella Bizzy was arrested for gun possession after police searched her car for marijuana. According to a press release, Yella was arrested after he allegedly ignored a stop sign. The video shows Yella interacting with police, but it was unclear at the time of the clip why he was pulled over. Yella Bizzy has been charged with carrying an illegal weapon. No drugs were found in the car, but the unlicensed weapon that he was accused of carrying was. The rapper’s team is currently working to get him out on bail and has determined that the arrest is a case of harassment by police officers. Officers then searched his car, w they found unlicensed weapons. Apparently, the rapper drove through his old neighborhood in a bulletproof vest before him was arrested. You can watch a video of him interacting with his aforementioned officers. However, the rapper’s team stated that all his weapons “must be registered.” The footage also shows him allegedly interfering with stop signs and surrendering. Bail has not yet been posted for Marquis Conway.

Beezy Arrested Yella