Thailand’s military rulers are facing as much as the deadliest attack in the capital in recent memory after at least 19 people were killed in a bomb blast that the government blamed on forces seeking to destroy its tourist market.

The last important bombing in Bangkok occurred on New Year’s Eve at the conclusion of 2006, when three people were killed in a succession of explosions.

“I saw glass. I saw some organs of men and women on the highway. I don’t know how many people t were,” he told the Defender.

“Then my mum phoned me from the hotel. So we sprinted back to our hotel she was shouting of a bomb. It was chaos – people were running around and t were cops and ambulances everyw.”

A volunteer medic said: “Some people perished , some people died at hospital.”

May: A homemade bomb hidden near rubbish bins in a busy suburban Bangkok shopping place bursts, injuring seven people.