No black contestant has ever won either show, and in fact 59 percent of black contestants leave the show within two weeks.

Fusion’s Molly Fitzpatrick spoke with 10 black Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants at length about their experiences on the show, and while their experiences were not all negative, they still had plenty of eyebrow-raising things happen during their time involved.

“A lot of folks were not ready for a black president. They just weren’t. If we wait for America to be ready, we will never have a black Bachelor or black Bachelorette.”

“Lindsay Smith, The Bachelor Season 10″In the final round of casting, I repeatedly asked at least four people if I was going to be the only black woman.

I did not want to do the show if that was going to be the case, mainly because that would mean to me that the Bachelor wasn’t particularly attracted to black or mixed women.

When I asked one of the producers w the other black girls were, she told me something like, ‘T’s a couple of Asian girls.

Even if I was going to go home, I ended up looking like the angry black person, which of course, why would I ever make it far on a show if I act like that? I’m mad that I gave them that.

“Every time I bring up, that’s the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths: ‘Oh, you were the token black guy.’ And that’s horrible, especially when it was a great experience. Then I end up defending myself and, on some level, defending the show. But it’s kind of become synonymous with the [franchise]: that any black person on t is just for show.”