B Jam Fest with her full moon fireworks of 2002 by Darkchild “What about us? In return, Monica holds the same unshakable record in the 2010 ballad “All for Me”. “Monica’s sound voices rock the room, but not enough to win the first round. In the movie “Never Say Never,” Brandi believes the pressure of love for Monica’s applause “Almost does not count. “Monica skillfully keeps the cult train in motion with “Why do I love you so much” before she gets a sea “yes” for the “sound” voices at the end of the recording. Monica wildly compliments Brandi on her unrivaled “sonic” tone before putting her beautiful song “A Dozen Roses” back on stage. “Starring Missy, Monica shows why she and the hip-hop lamp formed a great tandem in the 2000s. To confuse Monica’s efforts, Brandi takes “it” to the Grammy-nominated duo “Love Again” with R&B singer Daniel Caesar and crosses the finish line in this round. From Brandi, who brings to the game Kamala Harris, to Monica, who brings harmony to “Sideline Ho”, this glorious couple won an incredible 1.2 million GI points that they won tonight. Monica combines the dark brandy “U Should’ve Known Better” with the melancholy “U Should’ve Known Better” and even sings a cappella to add to the desert hymn of the purists R&B. Monica and Brandi will participate in the “Pre-Grammy Gala 2011” and “Salute to the Icons of Industry” gala night in honor of David Gaffen in Beverly Hilton in February: “Harmony was crazy t,” Brandi says when she hears the duo of Keiscia and Monica. Monica describes Brandi’s song “Never Say Never,” adding the word “ho-ho” to the lyrics and making witty jokes. Monica returns with her 1995 debut album “Don’t Take It Personal”, but Brandi deserves praise for his friendly performance of this work. Brandi and Monica dance in unison in an instant classic, swinging back and forth. Interestingly, Brandi remembers his first encounter with Tupac in the nineties and how skillful he was with the 1996 rapper passage “Me & My Girlfriend”, which he called his single of 1994 to present the cycle – and how he also plunged into the sensational remix “Down” before he ordered it. Brandi refused to print his full moon album “Eject” and decided to play his hottest single with it.

B Titans Brandy