Russell Crowe won’t be inviting Azealia Banks to hang out anytime soon.

The actor reportedly kicked the 25-year-old rapper out of his hotel room on Saturday night after she made some gruesome threats toward Crowe and his guests, according to TMZ. Multiple witnesses shared their accounts of the night with the website, and at least four of these individuals reportedly provided statements during the investigation.

Things reportedly turned sour when Banks began laughing at Crowe’s music choices we take it he wasn’t playing “212” on repeat before calling him and a few others “Boring white men.”

The outlet reports Crowe stayed pretty calm throughout the ordeal, but when the rapper reached for a glass and cocked it back, the Oscar-winning actor is said to have wrapped Banks in a tight “Bear hug” and carried her out of his room.

Banks reportedly accused Crowe of assaulting her, spitting on her and calling her the n-word.

The Huffington Post has reached out to representatives for both Crowe and Banks and will update this post accordingly.

Azealia Banks