Forget everything you thought you knew about Avril Lavigne, because Twitter user Givenchyass is about to blow your mind.

In a series of more than 50 tweets posted Friday, Givenchy made the case that Canadian punk rocker Lavigne actually passed away years ago, claiming she was subsequently replaced by a lookalike.

In addition to pointing out Lavigne’s career evolution, or her development from alt punk princess to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed pop singer, Givenchy gave Twitter a rundown of Lavigne’s life.

In Givenchy’s mind, it’s clear that a devastated, perpetually depressed Lavigne killed herself after her grandfather died in the early 2000s, no longer able to handle the pressures of celebrity she never really desired.

As per the theory, the person we now see as Lavigne is her lookalike, Melissa Vandella.

“Here’s a video I made comparing an avril song from 2002 to an avril song from 2014,” they wrote, sourcing a video that has since been removed from Twitter.

“Melissa was still working for avril and avril was about to start working on her next album. tragically, avril’s grandfather passed away and it hurt her so much. he was her bestfriend and her biggest supporter. she basically lost it. she was so distraught, crying on stage and in interviews. she would lock herself in her apartment and write for weeks. on end. finally she finished the songs for the next album and if you’ve heard that album. you know what I mean when I say it’s depressing. she recorded those songs, having to frequently take breaks in between sessions to cry and calm down. she was absolutely heartbroken.”

Givenchy went on to explain why anyone would go to such great lengths to extend Lavigne’s life in the eyes of the public.

Difference in voice and genre notwithstanding, Givenchy pointed out physical differences in pre- and post- 2003 Lavigne.

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