Winter and some of her cast members made an appearance at the ATAS event held at Saban Media Center on Wednesday in North Hollywood, California.

While her costars opted for more casual outfits, 19-year-old Winter went for a more revealing look with a gold mini-dress that exposed her shoulders, cleavage and included mesh panels that showed off parts of her thighs.

She posted a statement on Instagram on Thursday to express her own outrage over the criticism.

Deflecting the haters has practically become a second job for Winter who had breast reduction surgery in 2015 after her breasts blossomed to a 32F cup size.

After a few instances of body shaming last year she thanked those who had trolled her on social media.

“Every time someone bullies me online, it gives me a chance to re-emphasize to my fans, and even myself, how important self-acceptance is,” Winter wrote in an Instagram post last September.

Ariel Winter