Ariana Grande’s commercial for her new perfume is a glimpse into what it must be like living inside the songstress’ head – and it’s every bit as adorably oddball and immaculately manicured as you’d hope.

The ad, which hawks the “Side to Side” singer’s Sweet Like Candy fragrance, imagines a world w Grande clones drive ice cream trucks, run bakery carts, and settle battles between themselves with a spray of perfume.

Grande took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes pic of herself and co-star Dove Cameron in ’60s-inspired makeup on Saturday.

That would be Lindsay Lohan, who went full on Mean Girls and, according to a screenshot on the Huffington Post, left a short comment: “Too much makeup.”

“Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay like the girl is happy with her look, too much makeup or not,” wrote one commenter.

Judging by the way Grande efficiently shut down Ryan Seacrest in a recent interview when he asked about her relationship with Mac Miller, we’re pretty sure she can hold her own against Lohan.

Ariana Grande