Ariana Grande(Photograph: Tommaso Boddi, (Credit a long time, see caption.

Pop star Ariana Grande understands her history with pastries is a distressed one.

Months after she caused a stir for licking a doughnut and saying that she hates America, she is still talking about the incident, telling Good Morning America that she’s undoubtedly learned her lesson.

“I think among the biggest things I learned from that was what it feels like to disappoint so lots of people who love and believe in you. And that’s an excruciating feeling,” she said while encouraging her new perfume, ARI.

“You have to remember that your words, your actions, have, you know, ramifications and you have to really think of everything you are going to say and do because it’s significant. It is crucial that you so lots of people.”

Yes, she’s well aware how belly-turning her stunt was, but she’s moving on and attempting to do better.

“My behavior was quite offensive and I apologized,” she continued.

“There’s no excuse or there is nothing to justify it. I believe that as human beings all of US say and do things that we do not mean at all occasionally and we have to learn from it, I mean, it’s part of our procedure. We need to learn from our errors and that is exactly how we grow.”

Ariana Grande