Grande, who performed a number of songs in different genres, was a fantastic host and musical guest who showcased her flawless vocals.

Though her SNL gig was successful, Grande did have a couple of minor mishaps.

The premise: Grande, as intern Chloe, must sing like a number of Tidal artists while the music site deals with outages of those different streams.

Grande, who’s already shown off her unbelievable musical impressions on The Tonight Show, got to channel these artists: Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Rihanna- which was more of a joke.

To open the show, Grande reminisced with fellow former Nickelodeon star Kenan Thompson, and talked about growing up and being “Ready to be caught in a real adult scandal.” So, it was time for a jazzy song on the topic.

Grande lent her airy vocals to a tune about the struggle of writing a song by and for feminists.

Grande performed her new Bond-like single, and it sounded fantastic.

Be Alright: another song off Grande’s Dangerous Woman album, and another pitch-perfect vocal.

Though you couldn’t tell by her singing, Grande looked as though she had some earpiece issues, because her IFB was clearly out of her ear early on in the performance.

Ariana Grande