The first trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 was released on Saturday.

The hilarious clip follows the original a cappella group The Bellas as they struggle to find their way in life after the group disbands post college.

The trailer opens with Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins filming Anna Kendrick as she walks down a crowded street.

‘The Barton Bellas were a group of NOT men who somehow won at something that’s NOT baking,’ quips Higgins.

In the first two films, a group of diverse females come together to form a singing group in which they rise above adversity to win challenging competitions.

Rebel Wilson, known as Fat Amy, is moonlighting as Fat Amy Winehouse by singing for tips on the street.

A montage of Rebel causing calamity ensues as she throws Anna out a flying plane and fights a bad guy with pink nun chucks.

The trailer ends as the rival band tells Rebel: ‘Try and have some dignity.

Anna Kendrick