Years later, Jagger filed an injunction in court to prevent Chrissie from publishing his love letters to her.

JUMPIN’ JACK FLASH.This title will always be associated with Jagger’s swaggering stage performances.

HONKY TONK WOMAN.This began as a playful country-pastiche composed by Jagger and Richards while on holiday in Mato Grosso, a rainforest area of Brazil, at a ranch with their girlfriend muses Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg.

Jagger adapted its lyrics, based on an encounter with a prostitute.

African-American singer-actress Marsha Hunt, mother of Jagger’s first child, Karis, has always said she was the inspiration for the song – though backing singer Claudia Lennear believed it was about her.

‘ Decades later, Jagger conceded his lyrics may have gone a bit far.

Anita Pallenberg