Here we thought Ed Sheeran’s latest hit couldn’t get any more perfect.

As the clock stuck midnight on the East Coast, the Grammy winner decided to release a third version of his smash-hit single on Spotify.

This time Andrea Bocelli is featured and singing in Italian.

“Hope you love it as much as I do. I sing in Italian too which is fun x.”.

Ed first announced the collaboration during an appearance on NBC’s Today show on December 8.

He also teased an upcoming video that’s “Really pretty.”

Just last month, Ed teamed up with Beyoncé for an unforgettable duet of the song originally featured on Divide.

As radio stations continue to blast the hit song throughout December, fans are eagerly waiting for Ed to hit the road. The 26-year-old is scheduled to perform in stadiums across the country beginning at the Rose Bowl in Southern California on August 18.

Will BeyoncĂ© or Andrea stop by for a surprise performance? We can’t wait to find out!

Andrea Bocelli