The box contains all studio albums of the family band, as well as a huge number of rarities, unrecorded singles and live recordings from the legendary music festival Wattstax 1972. Earlier this year CRAFT RECORDINGS launched an ambitious program to re-release STAX GOSPEL TRUTH. Soul and Jazz and Funk is an independent soul website compiled by Charles Waring and Bill Buckley, the two most experienced and respected soul writers in the UK. Craft Recordings has announced the release of a luxury CD edition of “Come With Me”. – A set of boxes with the best works from the Stax edition of STAGE SINGERS. The set consists of 7 CDs, and also includes a booklet with archival photos and accompanying letters from American musicologist and curator Lavon Williams and folklorist, ethnologist and writer Langston Wilkins. They promised the first digital release of 25 albums from the label’s catalog, starting with the classics of the powerful band Rance Allen. Contact us, we offer very competitive prices to publish your ad on our website. If you buy this game in the online store Stax, you can unlock interesting bonuses. When you request an account, you can comment on all your favorite content in SJF. Collectors will know that previously it was only available on vinyl. Orders are processed manually.

AND GOSPEL Recordings