“Happy Birthday Amy X,” the singer wrote next to a photo of a smiling Winehouse.

At the time of her death, musicians both young and old chimed in with their sympathies over the loss of Winehouse.

Adele was among them, giving Winehouse credit for being a breakthrough for other British artists.

During her short career, Winehouse took home six Grammy Awards, winning five of these at the awards in 2008, w she won for beloved songs “Rehab” and “Back to Black.” She later showcased her range by pairing up with talents such as Tony Bennett, with whom she sang a satisfying jazz combination.

Adele added that what she would miss most of all would be the voice that inspired her to write her own music.

She said that if Winehouse hadn’t released her debut album Frank, Adele might not be, well, Adele.

Amy Winehouse