Lorelai Gilmore and Amy Schumer have a lot in common: they’re outspoken, talk a mile a minute, they’ve done a lot to battle clich├ęs about single women, and they’re both smart as whips when it comes to humor.

So obviously the Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life teaser featured Lorelai waxing lyrical about the comedian and wondering if Schumer would like her, despite Rory arguing she wouldn’t.

This, of course, begs the question, will Schumer appear in Gilmore Girls? Because Lorelai definitely wants her to.

Yep, not only does your own personal heroine Lorelai Gilmore have the same taste in comedy as you, but Schumer seemed to like the joke a lot.

Schumer did her thing and delivered the inevitable comeback to Rory’s infamous reason why Schumer and Lorelai wouldn’t get along.

Will Schumer be adding some extra female wit to the already pretty funny team? Of course, Schumer’s a busy lady so presumably it would all be contingent on her schedule.

Of course, t’s the possibility that she’s already shot a scene, but I’m pretty sure we fans would have heard abut Schumer dropping by the Gilmore Girls set.

I really feel like this could have been a thing in a parallel universe w Schumer wasn’t the hottest talent in the comedy world and wasn’t booked back to back all year long.

Amy Schumer