The country said goodbye to 15-year old aspiring country singer Tristan McIntosh on Thursday night’s episode of American Idol, but this isn’t the end.

How did her mother handle the end of McIntosh’s journey?

Although America’s picking for McIntosh to sing Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” seemed a perfect fit for the country fan, she had a different song in mind to perform had she not been cut: Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life.”.

“A few weeks earlier I had just been looking over a list of songs because you should always have songs prepared for the week ahead – be proactive,” she said.

“I like Bon Jovi and I just hadn’t heard that song.”

“I decided to cover that song.”

McIntosh has no regrets and is proud to have been a part of Idol’s farewell season.

Among those amazing people, she said, was season 8 alumnus Adam Lambert, who made an impression in the brief moments he spent with the top six.

“Those three minutes were amazing because he’s a very kind person and very upbeat. He gave us good advice and was really nice to us.”

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