Amber Heard, the wife of actor Johnny Depp, continues to be charged with smuggling the couple’s two dogs into Australia.

SYDNEY – Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, continues to be charged with illegally bringing the couple’s dogs to Australia – an incident that captured worldwide attention following the country ‘s agriculture minister angrily ordered the pooches to escape the country or face death.

Her attorneys could petition the court to appear on her behalf, but given the seriousness of the charge, it is likely she will have to appear in person, particularly if she’s in Australia at that time, said Bill Potts, a criminal defense attorney based in the Queensland capital, Brisbane.

The doggie debacle commenced in May, after Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce accused Depp, 52, of smuggling the couple’s Yorkshire terriers aboard his private jet when he returned to Australia to resume filming of the fifth film in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” show.

Officials gave Depp and Heard 72 hours to send Pistol and Boo back to the U.S., warning that if they were not, the dogs would be euthanized.

Joyce discounted suggestions on Thursday that charging Heard made Australia look mean.

Even if convicted, legal expert Potts uncertainties Heard will be facing a long jail term.

within an interview last month, Heard said she and Depp intended to avert Australia as much as you can in the future “Thanks to certain politicians t.”

Heard’s Los Angeles-based representative also failed to immediately respond to an email sent after business hours.

Amber Heard