Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin, the stars of Netflix’s wrestling comedy “GLOW,” are enjoying a badass afterglow.

Brie: We did our wrestling training with Chavo Guerrero Jr., who’s incredible, and also Shauna Doggins, our stunt coordinator and Helen Everett, our stunt woman, who doubles as me on the show.

I watched a lot of videos, but I ended up mostly watching old episodes of GLOW. Because the type of wrestling that was done on the original GLOW is very different from the type of wrestling, women’s wrestling that is being done now.

Meet the women that bring Netflix’s wrestling comedy, ‘GLOW,’ to life .

Brie: Similarly to how our show was made, the women that were cast on “GLOW” were out -of-work models and women trained to be wrestlers.

Gilpin: To me, wrestling is such a crazy physical metaphor for what it means to be Betty, for what it means to be a woman.

Brie: It was so fun to watch, just to see the ins and outs of how wild it was that when they got cast, because you know, a lot of our show is fictionalized, but the root of, like these women being cast on a show and literally having no wrestling experience, is wild.

Alison Brie