We met Paula from the Saviors tonight when she took the duo hostage.

In the end Carol and Maggie turned the tables, and Paula not only got her entire crew killed, but she was shot, impaled, and had her face eaten off by a zombie.

We spoke to Alicia Witt, who played Paula, about bringing a fully fleshed-out female villain in a position of power to the show.

He heard a podcast that I was on randomly talking about my music, and he reached out to me and said he had heard it, and I was like, “Wow, that’s lovely, because I’m a massive fan of yours!” And a week later, this audition came in for a part that wasn’t Paula.

For a character who only lasted one episode, you got a pretty full backstory to draw upon, as we see Paula telling this whole story about being a secretary stuck at work when the apocalypse happened, separated from her family, and how her boss was the first person she killed.

They do have massive hearts, and they do care, and they don’t want to kill other people, and I think Paula processed the loss of her husband and her four girls as “F- the world. I’m going to go show them what I’m really made of, because I’ve got nothing left.”

I love w one of your fellow Saviors tells Maggie and Carol “You’re not the good guys. You should know that.” Do you think Paula sees herself as good, bad, or is t no good and bad anymore?I think that she’s sort of manifested this apocalyptic day and age as: The way you are a heroine is you stop feeling, and you find a way to make things work for yourself.

T were some things that we filmed that didn’t make it into the show, but I found it interesting as a viewer that we don’t necessarily know from Paula’s reaction whether she knows for sure that everybody at that complex is dead. I guess she assumes they are, but we had a line originally w she acknowledges that t’s no sign of anyone else, or they must’ve killed them all.

Alicia Witt