Alexis Arquette clearly doesn’t think much of Jada Pinkett Smith’s call to boycott the upcoming Academy Awards.

According to a VH1 report, Alexis Arquette used her Facebook account to publicly “Out” both Jada Pinkett-Smith and her husband, Will, who Arquette claims are both gay.

Neither Will nor Jada Pinkett-Smith have publicly addressed the very public “Outing” they received from Alexis Arquette.

In addition to the highly public bashing from Alexis Arquette, Jada has been called out by her husband’s former Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star, Janet Hubert.

While it’s clear that not everyone in Hollywood agrees with Jada Pinkett Smith’s methods, Alexis Arquette is getting some negative feedback herself.

Folks on social media have responded to Alexis Arquette’s public “Outing” of Will and Jada in much the same vein, with the overwhelming undertone being that Arquette definitely crossed a serious line.

Despite Alexis Arquette’s refusal to “Hear” Jada’s comments regarding racial disparity in the Academy Awards nomination process, the Academy is listening, and has even responded, promising change in the future.

What do you think? Was attacking Jada Smith’s sexuality an appropriate response to what Alexis described as “An enemy” to the LGBT community, or did Alexis Arquette go too far?

Alexis Arquette