Zedd and Alessia Cara’s explosive single “Stay” isn’t going anyw – no pun intended.

The track’s original buzzy, bopping beat gets a smoothed-out remix courtesy of Jonas Blue’s rework.

You’ll hear a dose of marimba and soft piano chords that take the song’s thumping beat down a notch, allowing Cara’s sparkling vocals to come in crystal clear.

In maybe the furthest deviation from the original yet, Petit Biscuit’s rendition takes “Stay” from dance floor heavy-hitter to coffee shop vibe.

The remix pairs a playful piano melody with a soft shake of maracas, resulting in a feel-good jam that replaces all the sharp edges of the original track with a smoother groove.

The drop nearly ditches the original beat completely, interspersing vocal clips with drum kicks and jerks of guitar in a collage of noise.

Things start out bright and sunny in this Midnight Kids “Stay” remix, but take a sinister turn around 40 seconds in when the beat gets deliciously dark.

Melodic house enters the equation in this bubbly remix from Felix Cartal, which features a rolling marimba beat beneath a sped-up, pitch-shifted version of Cara’s vocals.

Alessia Cara