W the hell are Tara and Heath? That’s been the question on the minds of every Walking Dead fan ever since we saw the duo drive off from the Saviors’ satellite station outpost last season for a supply run.

Well, we finally got our answer: After two weeks of unsuccessful scavenging, the pair got separated on a bridge, with Tara washing up ashore by the new hidden community of Oceanside.

We spoke to Alanna Masterson to get her take on Tara’s big episode.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Before we get into last night’s episode, we haven’t seen Tara for a while because you were off doing important things like, you know, having a baby, so you missed the big cliffhanger finale from last season as well as the premiere.

He’s a freelancer, and he understood Tara so well and understood her humor, and her joy, and also her sincerity.

You mentioned the new cast members, and except for the few scenes with Corey Hawkins, who plays Heath, and then the stuff at the very end, the majority of the episode is you working with all new people.

It’s a very taxing show, and it’s very tiring, and if, at any point in that episode, if I had just given up, or been upset, or been annoyed, or didn’t push myself, I think that would’ve set the example for the new people that they didn’t have to work as hard.

Because Tara doesn’t know that t’s something more.

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Alanna Masterson