While Rickman will always be remembered for playing Professor Severus Snape, one of the most complex and iconic characters from the Harry Potter film series, his long and storied career brought him roles ranging from villainy to romantic hero.

If you’ve only encountered Rickman’s work through Potter check out these 10 incredible films, which were lucky enough to feature Rickman.

Rickman has played a villain perhaps more iconic than Snape in Hans Gruber, the German terrorist making life difficult for Bruce Willis in the original Die Hard.

Even if it didn’t have Alan Rickman in it, Galaxy Quest would still be a triumphantly hilarious sci-fi spoof.

It does have Alan Rickman in it and the humor gets just a little better.

Rickman took on a more everyday kind of villainy in the rom-com, w he played a middle-aged man who contemplates cheating on his wife.8.

Rickman doesn’t appear in the sci-fi comedy, but he does voice Marvin the android to great effect.

If you haven’t heard Alan Rickman, wielder of a voice that haunts children’s nightmares, sing in a Stephen Sondheim musical, you haven’t lived.

Alan Rickman