Worries about the robopocalypse are hardly fringe anymore, as some of the finest minds on earth have expressed anxiety that our species could satisfy with our untimely end as an effect of artificial intelligence.

Does the common citizen believe that artificial intelligence is a risk? Based on a new survey from Sky News, nearly half do, at least in Great Britain, as 43% of respondents agreed with all the declaration that “Artificially intelligent robots and computers could threaten the existence of the human race.”

Astonishingly, folks are not nearly as concerned about robots taking over their occupations; only 30% of folks believed it was “Likely” and 59% believed it was “Improbable.” While folks in more industrialized areas were concerned folks in urban areas tended to be worried concerning the chance of robot replacements.

Arguably the oddest results naturally encompassed our social connections with all the robots, and their personhood status.

Only 12% believed that robots should have rights under the law if they “Revealed identical intelligence to individuals,” while 63% actively disagreed.

T was also an interesting gender disparity in some specific outcomes: around 15% of men and just 2-4% of women considered that they could have a fulfilling emotional relationship using a robot, which they might possess a fulfilling sexual relationship with a robot, which they would trust an artificially intelligent robot to look after having a child without supervision.

These results surprise me considerably, although the vagueness of the questions may be a factor.

In the case of the rights question, the survey does not specify whether the robots have emotions, which might have altered the responses.

Bostrom is famous for asserting that we’ll someday develop a brains, or an AI that learns to self-enhance and so becomes exponentially more intelligent than individuals, that will take around the world and possibly introduce a greater danger to humankind than global warming.

AI robot that learns