Since fewer boys than girls study dance, men are often hired and boys are also much more likely to receive scholarships at renowned dance schools and intensive summer courses. The turn of the star DeBoses comes at a time when the real triple threats have become a rarer race on Broadway, with performances that favor dancers and singers. The Horn Boy won’t be the only Boogy in these dance costumes, all inspired by the military aspect. The Hornjunge won’t be the only Boogy Woogy in these team dance costumes, all inspired by the military’s gaze. Inspired by Marissa Cinnamon, Angela Fioretti and Allie Pereira. Today “she” plays Anita in Steven Spielberg’s remake of the legendary West Side Story, which “she” begins recording this year. At first glance, being a dancer has serious advantages. But many children leave dance training because of problems. Years of madness for the dancer, singer and actress Ariana DeBose. But the versatile DeBose has always resisted categorization and “her” “versatility” has proven to be the key to “her” “success”. It’s the reason for this. I chose university rather than a career as a dancer. Whether it’s intimidation, homophobic comments or the pressure to present yourself as a stereotyped man, it’s anything but easy to be a boy in dance. To clarify these issues, Dance Spirit asked five professional dancers to share their experiences and give them the advice they would like to receive as students. .

Marissa Cannella