Advertising. Mark: Another thing we should add, as Taeyong said, is that we feel the same enthusiasm for being in front of our fans and with everything that’s happened this year, we have new things to show our fans, both musically and in terms of performance. Mark: We don’t know exactly the exact date or something similar (in terms of new Korean music), but I have a feeling that we are always ready to do something to get back to our fans as soon as possible. Johnny: [AclaraciĆ³n] I have the impression that we are always ready to go everyw, even in the United States, everyw, because the NCT 127 as a team is a group that starts in Seoul and we want to expand around the world to tell everyone what is K-Pop. Taeyong: We are very happy to be able to meet all our fans in New York again and we want to continue to make good memories with our fans. Taeyong: Instead of thinking that we are at the forefront of this new generation, we think that K-Pop as a genre is at the forefront of the world. Jaehyun: We are constantly preparing new songs and new shows and I hope we have more opportunities to meet more fans than anyw else in the world. In a conversation with Fuse the morning before the show, the nine members reflected on their growth last year, w they see their band looking to the future and the love they feel for the other members of their NCT brand. NCT will continue to grow as a band and I ask fans to keep their expectations high. You recently participated in NCT’s Empathy album, which included a song and video from NCT 2018 with all 18 members of the group. It’s really like driving this kind of “new generation of K-Pop” as they say. Recently it made its debut in Japan, and fans are eager to hear from Korea. In general, it is very similar, but always depends on what you have to show the fans later. KCON has a great line-up this year with some of their label friends like Super Junior and Red Velvet. As one of the K-Pop artists of this genre, we really have to make an effort and think that we have to give the best of ourselves in this genre. We have also prepared a new introduction for “Touch” and it is much stronger than expected, it will be the first thing everyone will see. Officially, NCT 127 was not the title of KCON 2018 in New York, but the complicated list of songs and the screams of the audience would have made you think otherwise. We also have three members singing one of our new “Whiplash” songs, so people can expect something new. But I think we’ll be all over the world. What we feel is very similar, but now we are on the road to new goals in what we want to do. We participated in all the preparation stages, we just tried to interact with the music. Johnny: First of all, I would like to thank you for always digging and supporting us. It’s similar. 2018 Backup, LLC. .

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