Adrien Broner still drinks Ls, gets stuck in Miami after yelling at the police. Caldwell allegedly smuggled into the Broner district. “If anyone else comes to me and tries to touch me with all this gay shit, I’ll tell you now – if I don’t point my gun at you, I’ll knock you out,” says Broner. “If I pointed my gun at you, I’d shoot you in the head, and it’s God and it’s her. Caldwell issued a warrant against Broner. According to TMZ, Broner was in South Beach, Miami, around 9 p.m. Saturday night and walked the streets with his boxing partner Gervonta Davis. Witnesses say Broner walked down Collins Avenue, a busy intersection, and a driver honked. None of the retreatants began yelling at Broner when they approached and warned him to calm down, otherwise he would be arrested. Miami police were already on their way in sufficient numbers for spring break, and they heard the riot and reacted immediately. Adrien Broner has gotten into more drama. It was a busy week for Broner. The police did not arrest him and he was released in time to meet with Exchange Miami shortly tafter. He threatened to beat or kill homosexuals who were flirting with him after Andrew C., a social media star, hit him. As expected, Adrien got angry and hit the hood of the car screaming at the driver.

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