On Wednesday the British singer visited DeGeneres’ talk show for an interview scheduled to air Thursday, and of course their conversation revolved around Adele’s performance on Monday’s Grammy Awards.

What is the nature of the pressure that Adele feels? Sure, the massive success of her album “25” – which has sold more than 8 million copies and is virtually guaranteed to win all of next year’s Grammys – means that she’s got countless eyes on any move she makes in public.

More than her ability to nail a note, it’s Adele’s perceived relatability that inspires people to plunk down $10.99 to buy her record on iTunes.

Perhaps the pressure on Adele is to retain that low-key charm even as she ascends into ever more rarefied air.

In reality, we expect just as much from Adele as we do from BeyoncĂ© – and Adele keeps serving it up.

On “Ellen,” Adele said she spent most of Tuesday crying about the Grammys.

If we want Adele to relax, we want her to relax for us, as just another performance.