“We really wanted to write a basic hard rockn’ roll album with a kind of swing that hit the spot,” guitarist Angus Young explainedtold me shortly before the album was released. “He thought it would be very helpful for us to see how different producers work,” Young explained. “Look, it’s a good experience. “From the beginning, George helped us find our sound,” said Angus Young. The band came up with 18 songs in September 1999 and came out three months later, recording 13, including the song “Cyberspace,” which is not on the CD. “The main goal of the sessions was to maintain a strong, primal energy,” said Loudwire member John Wiederhorn, author of Raising Hell: Backstage Tales From the Lives of Metal Legends and co-author of Louder Than Hell: The Ultimate Oral History of Metal, and co-author of Scott Ian’s autobiography, I Am the Man: The Story of That Anthrax Guy, and Al Jurgensen’s autobiography, Service: The Lost Gospels According to Al Jurgensen and the book My Riot from the Agnostic Front!Courage and Glory. “A lot of clean, sweet stuff became popular when we were writing, so we decided to do something dirty and nasty,” Young said. “We’re talking about bare bones, baked goods,” Young said. “We feel like the world has gotten a little sterile lately, so we’re going to give them a good Wham, Bam, Rockn’ Roll album.” “Instead of setting up mics and getting good drum sounds and playing, these guys are like,Oh, they need aX’ 52 effects unit. “One of the most exciting things is when Angus has the lead,” singer Brian Johnson added. “Andhe’ panicked whenhe’ came out ofhis’ hangover and ran outside screaming,No, I didn’t want him! Well, I always felt that too many gadgets and toys and things could distract “him” and couldn’t help him.

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