At trial, she claims that he “threw a deadly object with the intent to commit aggravated assault.” In addition to the rapper, “Salaberrios” is also suing the club for the lack of security around Tekashi 69 has been the subject of much controversy in recent weeks, but the latest report shows that the rapper is in trouble with the law. During the ensuing fight, he tried to throw a champagne bottle at the man, but he unfortunately missed and hit the stripper in the head. The rapper’s lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, said his client was not involved in the club fight. Tarlow told the publication that an altercation broke out at the city’s Gold Rush Cabaret after someone insulted the rapper for snitching. Salaberrios said the incident caused her to go to the emergency room, where she received several staples to cover the cut on her head. Tarlow said she refused and reported the incident to officers. The victim, Alexis Salaberrios, and her attorney David M. It was an attempt to “take him down,” he said. “There are video cameras on the property.

A Miami Stripper Club