Luke Hemmings came back from the 5 Seconds of Summer Asian tour and went straight to his girlfriend, Arzaylea.

Even though 5SOS singer has been having trouble defending his girlfriend to his fans, it looks like the couple doesn’t mind that they face some hostility in their relationship.

While Luke and Arzaylea have been separated for a while, they managed to continue their relationship by having her visit him during the Asian tour.

Even though they may be happy together, she still finds it a struggle to combat all the mean 5SOS fans that insist that she is the one that gets between them and the lead singer.

Luke and Arzaylea are having a great time in Los Angeles, catching up on time lost to the 5SOS tour.

“Luke looked exhausted as he walked with his head lowered while dressed in a navy and red stripped T-shirt and black skinny jeans,” reports Daily Mail.

The 5SOS fan drama has also affected Arzaylea a lot as well.

“As many, many 5SOS fan accounts have revealed, they’ve registered a bunch of new tunes with ASCAP.”.

Do you think Luke Hemmings will be able to handle the pressure from his work, girlfriend and the public? Or do you think he will crack? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!