In the years following his death, Pac was ready-made for Internet godhood: His life was fully documented and rife with street intrigue, conspiracy theories, and a massive collection of songs, video, the works-a fully scripted multimedia docudrama.

Pac struck mythic chords in large part because he was all in.

Like his Peruvian namesake, Pac consciously made himself a sacrifice.

Wayne, Jay, 50, and T.I. all borrowed and reconfigured the blueprint Pac authored.

T’s one thing about Pac nobody has been able to duplicate: He bared his soul, to its very core.

Intense and passionate, Pac ran with thugs and killers, starred in a cult classic, and shot cops and walked free-only to be shot five times, survive and then go to prison and be reborn.

Pac lacked the intricate rhymes or flow patterns deemed worthy of praise by rap puritans, but his sometimes prophetic lyricism ran the gamut from player to rider to revolutionary.