“Too solid, pussy niggas can’t disclose us/Went and seen Eliante, and he froze us/I’m too street to walk around with my nose up/Especially to the niggas knew me ‘fore I blowed up/Savage Mode drop, now my price, it go up/Streets cold, nigga, they ain’t showin’ no love/Niggas get in front of judge and they fold up/Face shot, hit that boy with the whole dub”.

“Have you ever did a real homicide, nigga?/Have you ever made a nigga mama cry, nigga?/Do or die nigga gotta do or die, nigga/If you ain’t the one doing it, you gon’ die, nigga/Sometimes I look at God and I wonder why, nigga/Why my niggas had to be the ones that had to die, nigga/They killed one, we gon’ kill 5, nigga/Winter time, we gon’ set your block on fire, nigga”.

“Niggas talk, hoes talk/Thirty on the Glock, let the poles talk/Party on the yacht, brought the hoes out/All my niggas on to y’all, so now/I’m in the Hellcat doin’ donuts/Your baby mama sleepin’ on a blow-up/Mad Max, nigga what the bloodclaat/Four-five leave you with a blood clot”.

“My jewelry twinkle twinkle/Doin’ donuts in the foreign while it sprinkles/You keep callin’, I’m ignoring, bitch I’m single/You keep callin’, bitch I’m single like a Pringle/You know I’m fly like G4/Bitch you riding in a Pinto/Bitch you know your nigga lame like the Winslows/I’m 21 but you know PDE my kin folk”.

“TEC on me with the coolie on it, I’ma fuck around and squeeze/Pain runnin’ through my veins, I don’t want the fame, I just wanna eat/Rap niggas callin’ my phone, fuck these niggas, these niggas ain’t G’s/Spend on a lot of niggas, I ain’t spend no more, fuck around and get robbed ’round me”.

“Y’all niggas pussy like kittens/VVS’s on, I need mittens/Nigga, we ain’t leavin’ no witness/Stomp a nigga ’til he need stitches/I ain’t never played no victim/Every nigga played, I killed him/Put a nigga in a blender, nigga, then we chop it up/Put it in the Pyrex, nigga, then we lock it up/Put that bitch inside a Benz, she was in a Acura”.

21 Savage